Steve Molter: UX Designer


b. 1979, USA.


This is me


Team-minded, warm-hearted, thoughtfully driven fella with a penchant for tossing my guitar around the stage.

My journey through a variety of professional avenues has empowered me to build a truckload of meaningful relationships. I've been around. I get it. My intuition and empathy are my biggest assets, and I strive to connect people and ideas.

I also love telling stories and could talk about myself and my past experiences for days. (In fact, let's do that in person real soon!) But I'd rather let my friends, colleagues, and mom share some insights into who I am:

“I [recently] thought about your courageous efforts in rallying togetherness amongst the associates."

- Y.G., HR Director at a former employer



"You are a great guy. You're the guy you want on your team at work, and the guy you want on your team after work. You really do make everyone feel like a friend just by being yourself. It's such a valuable quality to have."

- C.H. colleague at a former school



"I keep forgetting that you haven't been in UX for your whole career. It's a perfect fit for you."

- W.V., colleague at a former school



"You're so encouraging to everyone. You're fair, inclusive, and make people feel like they can do anything. I wish I could be as vulnerable as you."

- My mom (Gotta have a quote from my mom.)


Music I dig

Books I love


Where I've traveled

I've been super fortunate to have traveled to many countries in this beautiful world. In alphabetical order:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Vatican City.